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Thank you for stopping by – if you are a usual SER Art frequenter you will have noticed a slight (massive) change.We are currently under construction – working on developing our webiste into something fabulous! Our founder has a few words to say on the matter so sit tight.

“I thought I would take a moment and say ‘👋‘ 

We are currently working on a new website. It will be live in the near future – as they say ‘good things take time’. 

In the meantime – if there was a painting or print that caught your eye please email me directly at sarah@sarahellenreiter.com, we’re still working behind the scenes shipping out artwork. Please keep in the mind the current situation as some orders will take longer than usual. 

As the webiste is down, I thought i would share a bit more about me with those who are new here:

Sarah Ellen Reiter Studio

Five facts about me

  1. I have a sickeningly sweet, sweet tooth – it would be very rare if a day didn’t go by that I didn’t consume chocolate.
  2. My favourite colour is green, specifically a lovely dark, deep forest green – however, all green is fabulous.

3. I absolutely love nature – hence the love for green above. One of my absolute favourite places to be is the woods, surrounded by moss, trees, fern, ideally with a waterfall nearby – but you can’t have everything can you?

4. When I was very very little, I had an imaginary friend called leany – I once tried to create an army of imaginary friends, but then I forgot each person’s name.

  1. 5. My favourite brush to work with is an angled brush. 

For now stay safe


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