Skinade: Adding value to reduce audience fatigue

During my time at skinade, I found it imperative to create content that helped to enrich the lives of our followers on social. At the time, collagen drinks were a hard sell. Once converted customers stayed loyal, but many on our social hadn’t converted yet. Knowing there was a mix of people at different stages of the funnel meant that different information was relevant to them.

If we were too technical this would put potential customers off but if all we did was speak about the product, converted customers would become tired & unfollow.

I developed a strategy that solved the challenge. It included content that broke down ingredients in the drink, into easy-to-understand language, creating mini-series such as DIY face masks for different skin types, a social whistle-stop-tour of all that is great about London, to name but a few.

The bottom line, finding content strands that linked the brand to non-product related mini-series helped socials stay fresh & fun for the audience.

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