Jacob’s Biscuits: Secret Keeper

Outline: Figrolls, tasty biscuits, but sales dropped. After an in-depth focus group session, we learnt the demographic had shifted to a younger audience: men 17-25.

Idea: Create a social-only campaign (where the demographic is) to increase awareness & bring Back Jim Figgerty (nostalgia), a fictional character who was the guardian of the secret recipe.

Jim announces his retirement via a video on Facebook with support on Jacob’s Twitter channel.
He is leaving his secret of how he puts the figs in the figrolls in a suitcase at a top-secret location & there’s a prize up for grabs!
Across two weeks, he shares daily clues hinting at where players can find the suitcase both via Facebook & Twitter.
The person who guesses where the suitcase is hidden will win both the secret & an all-expenses paid holiday to its location, Dubai.

Facebook Fans: +500
Engagement rate: 10%
Twitter followers: +250
Entries: 600

Facebook Fans: 237
Engagement rate: 63%
Twitter followers: 159
Entries: 944

Please note Jacob’s Biscuits is a stand-alone heritage brand in Ireland, in no way related to Jacob’s Biscuits, the cream cracker etc.

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