Skinade: Beautiful Skin from Within


To create a paid & organic campaign to educate potential UK consumers on the inside out approach to better skin. 

the all important gird


Over two weeks ‘Beautiful Skin from The Inside’ launched across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Organic & paid (£1000 budget)

Untouched photos were shared of the model (who drank the product) highlighting that real skin is beautiful while showcasing what the product can do. 

Facts about the ingredients in skinade were shared along with beautiful photography and fun boomerangs (as was the vibe of ’16)

Bespoke content for each platform published across Facebook, Instagram & Twitter at optimal times and adverts targeted to a specific U.K only audience. 


Achieved a total of 881 new visits to site. Putting this in perspective, average for the same period was 125. There was a massive lift in online conversions +287.73% as a result of the campaign. 


Page likes: +2.1%
Impressions: +249.5%*
Avg Engagement rate: +266.3%*


Increase in followers: +0.9%
Impressions: +380%*
Avg Engagement rate: 6%


Increase in followers: +0.3%
Impressions: +380%*
Avg Engagement rate: 0.6%


New sessions to site: +312.99%*
Conversions: +287.73%*

* on previous period

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